Für Greta Bünichmann

For Greta Bünichman
The poetry reading at Haus Rüschhaus, the place of work of poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, is dedicated to the last person in Münster to be condemned to death as a 'witch'. In 1635, the single maid Greta Bünichmann was accused of witchcraft by her employer. 30 days after the accusation, the verdict: violation of God's first commandment, pact with the devil, use of sorcery. The court sentences her to be burnt alive. However, the judges granted Greta Bünichmann the 'mercy' of beheading because she had confessed under torture and the body was afterwards burnt. One possible motive for the trial was that her employer had run up a debt to her. It is the last judgement on the verdict of witchcraft in Münster. In 1994, a street in Münster is named after her.The poets Radna Fabias, Logan February, Kim de l'Horizon and Nãh Thuyên will read and be moderated by Michaela Predeick. We will end the evening with a barbecue.

  • Droste Festival 2024
  • box office 9€/ 6€ reduced (cash only)
  • free choice of seats
  • language: german (= german spoken language), english (= english spoken language), dutch (= dutch spoken language), vietnamese (= vietnamese spoken language)
  • format: poetry reading, barbecue
Duration120 Minutes
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