Mein Prinz - Audiowalk durch den Burgpark

Discover the story of this African man in the centre of Biedermeier Europe on this walk. He was called Johann Junkerdink and came to Burg Hülshoff as a serf in 1698.

He had been kidnapped in his homeland, today´s Ghana, and sold to Europe as a slave. At the castle, he served coffee as a servant at parties and receptions. Later, due to his musical talent, this man became the organist of the Roxel parish and married the sexton's daughter.

You will hear this story as you walk through the castle park. And you listen to the thoughts of a man who now comes to Europe from Africa. You will learn what it means to be black in a racist society.

With texts by Hermann Mensing and Fiston Mwanza Mujila

From 18 May to 20 May 2024, access to the Droste Museum is only possible with a ticket for Gartenträume.

  • Available during the opening hours of the Droste Museum
  • Audio guide through the park at Burg Hülshoff
  • Content warning: The text of the walk contains racist terms and descriptions of violence against Black people
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