from 2 p.m.: Clitoral reading room
Walk-in installation by Ari Merten, Thea Reifler
2 p.m.: The Witch is on Fire
Dance theater performance by Volxtheater of Theaterwerkstatt Bethel with Mitja Brinkötter, Noah Caspar, Pauline Elges, Arne Lohan, Berit Meiners, Patrick Meiners, Antonia von Reden, Shiwa H. Roudsari, Lisa Saal, Noelia Schmidt, Kristina Stolte, Ralf Strehl, Dietmar Teich, Markus Wegener, Nicole Zielke
3 p.m.: Witch stories
Children's book reading with Amelie Barth
3 + 4 pm: Text in the head.
Remote reading of Ingeborg Bachmann's "Malina"Headphone reading by Miriam Michel, Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling with Bianca Künzel
5 pm: Dead Ladies Show
Lecture performance with Esra Canpalat, Katy Derbyshire, Susan Stone

  • Droste Festival 2024
  • box office 15 €/ 8€ reduced, family ticket 20€ (2 adults + children) cash only
  • free choice of seats
  • language: german (=german spoken language), english (=english spoken language), turkish (= turkish spoken language)
  • format: installation, children's reading
Duration180 Minutes
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